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Aviation is our Passion

Product Image RCAF Today 2019

RCAF Today 2019


2019 Edition

Volume 10


The Race to Retain and Increase Experience

Facing a high demand from the commercial sector for pilots, technicians, aviation specialists and support personnel, the RCAF is implementing initiatives to hold onto its best.

Nerve Centre

Created a decade ago to provide greater command and control for Air Force assets, the Combined Aerospace Operations Centre is a hub of activity that never sleeps.

The Rubik’s Cube of Fighter Procurement

Politicization of the CF-188 Hornet replacement process is harming the RCAF’s ability to select the future fighter its next generation of aviators requires.

Mission in Mali

Despite difficult flying conditions, the Canadian Armed Forces’ rapidly created forward aeromedical evacuation has become a formidable capability, earning plaudits from allies. 

Proud and Engaged

In spite of frequent deployments, 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron has retained its experienced personnel. Its secret? The Quebec-based unit is tight-knit and takes pride in its unique culture.

DIGITAL BONUS | Flying the Gazelle

He might not be on Operation Presence with 430 Tactical helicopter Squadron, but Capt James Hodgson is nonetheless flying from a base near Gao, Mali—with a French Gazelle.

Below Glidepath

How can the RCAF change its personnel strategy to keep the world’s most talented pilots flying operational missions? With a few simple changes to pilot career management practices.

Typhoon Season

As the first RCAF exchange pilot with the Royal Air Force No. 6 Squadron, Capt. Jordan Rychlo is blazing his own trail on the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Leading the Way

As the first and only operator of the CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopter, the Royal Canadian Air Force is setting its own course and learning new lessons every day. 

Farewell to the Sea King

In December 2018, a crew from 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron flew the CH-124 Sea King on its last flight for the RCAF, marking the end of 55 years of service for the maritime helicopter.

Next-Gen Aircrew Training

It’s complicated, it’s multifaceted, and it comes with high standards, but it’s a lucrative contract to the company that can integrate three distinct programs into one training system. 

A Daring Wing on D-Day

The squadrons of No. 143 Wing claimed battle honours for thousands of sorties during the Second World War, but among their proudest were D-Day and the Normandy campaign.

Little Wing, Big Effect

5 Wing Goose Bay may be one of the RCAF’s more isolated postings, but in recent years it has once again become a hive of activity. And its sense of community is widely embraced. 

Combat Support from Above

It may operate over some of the most isolated and challenging terrain, but 444 Combat Support Squadron has evolved from flying fighter jets to a critical helicopter unit. 


Double Mission, Single Focus

As it marks its 75th anniversary, 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron is delivering two top priority missions while preparing to become the key piece in the transition to the new CC-295. 

Systems Experts

Flight engineers, the RCAF aircrew specialists in mechanical and technical systems of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, are celebrating their 75th anniversary.

Insight Showcase

Profiles of Air Force supplier capability





From the Editor

Briefing Room – RCAF News